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Sunday, November 15, 2015

My Thoughts on this weekend...

These attacks in France have stirred up a lot of talk about immigration policy. I have a few friends wondering how this effects our immigration issues during the pending election. Here are the points as I see them.

1. France has always had very easy border laws. You can pretty much travel across the border and go anywhere throughout France. This has been a key factor in all of the constant terrorist attacks in France. Because, anyone can get in.

2. France is one of the countries accepting a lot of Syrian Refugees. How is this a problem? Syria is the main country Isis is occupying. You have to figure  a lot of these attackers made it into Paris because of both of these issues.

How do these points affect the United States? We are in a Political battle over immigration policy. We have at least 11 million undocumented people working taking a Job that could be a job for someone who pays taxes to be a Citizen (this used to mean we had benefits non-citizens had because citizens are the source of all the money they use to make this country run). And the President wants to allow these undocumented people to become citizens without any consequences. Also, has not mentioned how we stop the flow of undocumented people coming into the United States. Now there are some partisan, and humane reasons behind allowing a path to citizenship or a work permit of some sort. A lot of what motivates this is how long and hard it is to get into the country properly.  It’s a really complicated issue that I do not see being solved easily I am sure.

Now this comes into play because of the Syrian Refugees that we also have been accepting. The government wants to take more refugees. Now I may not have every fact. And, I really do feel bad for people in Syria who are innocent bystanders, but, we can really be taken advantage of by Isis because of this. I mean, have we not learned? 9-11 was orchestrated by an organization through individuals who had been working in American for years.

By not strengthening our borders, enforcing immigration laws, and introducing an easy way to be a documented non-citizen who is working and pays a tax or fee (without voting rights or other tax benefits citizens receive) we will surely see more attacks like 9-11 in our country. Possibly before our next President is elected.

Like is said immigration is a very complicated issue. Lots of factors and issues intertwined in our issues. And the solutions could be difficult and costly. And I haven’t even touched on all of the issues regarding immigration. And here is the other issue, our leaders have been debating immigration for longer than I have been alive. Its not likely a country that is more divided in ideology than it has ever been in its entire existence can come to an agreement to  solve this problem.